5 Emergency Plumbing Repairs Requiring Immediate Attention


Damaged pipes, clogged drains and gas leaks are some of the most common emergencies for which householders need a plumber’s help. However, many of these situations can be prevented with proper care. Preventive maintenance can keep pipes, drains and plumbing fixtures in good shape while allowing the householder to find and fix problems before they get out of hand. Below are the five most common emergencies seen by an emergency plumber in Wellington.

Burst Pipes

Until the emergency plumber arrives, the main goal is to stop the flow of water from a burst pipe. Find and close the main water valve for the home, and turn on all cold water taps to quickly remove trapped water from the pipes. After these damage control steps are complete, a plumber can replace or repair the damaged pipe section.

Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze they can expand and burst, causing a plumbing emergency. Control the damage by turning off the water at the main valve and, if the pipe hasn’t yet split, thaw it from the end nearest the tap. Thawing should be done gently to avoid thermal expansion, and pipes should be insulated against cold weather.

Leaky Fixtures

Close the valve that supplies water to the leaking fixture and check the trap for soap scum and debris that may obstruct the opening and cause an overflow. Call an emergency plumber in Wellington for quick, professional repairs.

Blocked Toilets and Drains

Attempt to move the blockage with a plumber’s snake or a plunger. If these tools do not remove the clog, it may be too far along the line for a DIY approach—and calling a plumber is the only option.

Gas Leaks

This is one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies, a gas leak can cause an explosion. If the home smells of gas, get out right away. Gas leaks should not be repaired by a non-professional, and the householder should call the gas company or an emergency plumber immediately. Under professional guidance, the caller may be able to shut off the meter at the main control valve.

While most plumbing situations are merely inconvenient, others can be damaging and even deadly. If you need help with emergency plumbing services in Wellington, call Under Pressure Plumbing or visit our team at www.underpressureplumbing.co.nz for free plumbing quotes.